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Camping is one of those adventures that allow you to see the beauty of life from a landscape different from yours. Nevertheless, how do you prepare for a camp trip without electricity? Most campsites offer power, but most times people want to experience camping the original way. If you're one of those die-hard camping people, read on!

1. Learn to make a campfire

There are many videos on YouTube that can teach you how to make a bonfire and how to keep it ablaze. In a camp trip with no electricity, that will be your most significant source of light and warmth during cold nights. If you don't understand how to make a fire, make sure you go with a friend who does.

2. Research your campsite

Always do some research about the area you'll be camping. Find out the nearest access roads and hospitals, the closest source of electricity and most especially, find out if there have been strange occurrences in that area. Such research helps a great deal in a moment of emergency.

3. Let someone know your location

Whether you're camping with a bunch of kids at school, or perhaps with your family, it is imperative that you let someone else know your camp location. In the event of an emergency, this ensures someone always knows where to find you or your group.

4. A good flashlight and power bank

Since there is no electricity, having a good flashlight is necessary to see at night, and a power bank can help your mobile phone stay on. So, always bring a spare battery or two for those flashlights. 

5. Entertainment

Can you have fun without electricity? Especially at night? Absolutely yes, but it requires planning. So, don't forget to bring things to keep you busy when you're not exploring like playing cards, a guitar, etc. If you are going with your mobile phone and friends, you can download a multiplayer game that allows you to compete. 

Camping without electricity is an adventure on its own. Some would even say it’s thrilling. When you come back from such a trip, you might feel like someone who just came back from an adventure to find the mystical lost diamond or perhaps, the Holy Grail. So, what’s not to love? Ask your travel about the best spots to camp the original way.